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Training Kits

302-Fibreglass-Starter-Kit.jpg small image

Contents: Training Bag, 100 Ultraform Tips Assorted, 3g Glue, 100ml Tip Remover,�

2 x 240 Grit Black Foam File, 2 x 180 Grit Boomerang Files,� White Sanding Block, Blue Sanding Block,� One Cut Tip Clipper,� Manicure Dual Tool,� 50ml Protect Nail Santising Dehydrating Spray, 200 Nail Wipes,� Nail Scrub Brush,� 8g Brush On Resin, 14ml Brush Saver, Pre-Cut Fibreglass Strips, China Silk Strips, 50ml Resin Activator, Silver Stork Scissors & Reflector Glosser.

Fibreglass Starter Kit

£ 40.00 + VAT

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