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Nail Art

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Fuchsia Rhinestones

Create dazzling nail art with these sparkling rhinestones. And the best bit is they are re-usable! Simply remove from the nail using NoStar Nails only use SWAROVSKI crystal Rhinestones, the small 1.5mm crystals are the perfect size for using on nails.  The none hot fix back helps nail glue adhere to the crystal creating strong long lasting bond that gives clients long lasting nail art.

Directions for use: Apply Finishing Sealer to varnished nail. Whilst wet, affix the rhinestone to the nail. Apply a generous coat of Finishing Sealer to seal the stone to the nail. Once dry, apply a further 1 to 2 coats.

65394 Fuchsia 

Pack of approx. 300

Fuchsia Rhinestones

£ 9.75 + VAT

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