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Nails Systems

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Black Foam File (100/180 grit) Pack of 6

Whether you’re working on the natural nail or extensions, this medium grit, multi-function file is a must have item. A combination file with 100 grit (coarse) on one side and 180 grit (medium) on the other.

741 Black Foam File 80 grit (pack of 6)

745 Black Foam File 100//180 grit (Pack of 6) 

740 Black Foam file 240 grit (pack of 6)

755 Black Foam file 180/180 grit (pack of 6)

Black Foam File - Pack of 6


80 Grit - Coarse

100 / 180 Multi Function (Coarse / Medium)

240 Grit - Fine

180 / 180 Double sided (medium)