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Nails Systems

Layering Gel

The Layering Gel is a vital part of the dip system process, this glue binds togther each layer of highly pigmented powder.

Star Nails Dip Powder System utilises new technology to produce a fantastic way of applying permanent colour to the nail and offers a great alternative to gel polish.

The system utilises specially formulated adhesive gel, in combination with a state of the art brush on activator and finely milled acrylic powders to create beautiful nails that last a minimum of 14 days.

Quick and easy to apply for maximum profitability.

WARNING: Many of the dip powder systems on the market are bottled into glass containers. Although aesthetically appealing, it is dangerous to put adhesives into glass bottles. As the adhesives are used, some of the liquid inevitably over-spills onto the bottle neck, preventing tight closure between the bottle and cap. When improperly sealed, the shelf life of the product is dramatically affected, causing the adhesives to become thick, gloopy and useable. Often-times, the over spilled adhesive creates a bond between the glass and cap, preventing the bottle from being opened. This becomes extremely dangerous as technicians try to force the bottle open. Users can be seriously harmed if the glass breaks or shatters when forced open. In consideration of these safety implications, all of our adhesives are bottled into plastic containers.

Layering Gel

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