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Solglo Spray Tan

Solglo Tanning Mist

NEW! Solglo Tanning Mist is a spray tan in a can that extends the life of Solglo professional spray tan solution by between 5-7 days. Enriched with vitamin e & aloe vera to help repair and soften skin without making the skin feel oily or sticky.

Fragranced with a deliciously light coconut scent, the Solglo Tanning Mist will transport you to a relaxing sandy white beach next to the crystal clear ocean covered in coconut palm trees.

Available in both Sun Kissed and Sun Drenched 160ml, 100% animal cruelty and vegan friendly.

27144 Sun Kissed Mist 8% 160ml

27148 Sun Drenched Mist 14% 160ml

Self Tanning Mist

£ 9.99 + VAT

 in stock

Sun Kissed 8% Solution

Sun Drenched 14% Solution